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Help and advice articles on common sex and wellbeing topics.

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18 July 2024  •  1 m read


23 May 2023  •  3 m read

What you need to know about Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infection The cold season is here with us, “winter” is upon us. And with the cold, the only…


31 August 2022  •  1 m read

Should I be worried about cervical cancer?

Did you know that most women get an HPV infection shortly after they start having sex? This infection is the cause…


1 August 2022  •  3 m read

Tips for navigating menopause

They say life begins at 40 but being a middle-aged woman is about much more than just maintaining the stamina to…


29 June 2022  •  3 m read

Keeping track of your baby’s development

After experiencing the initial surprise and butterflies of knowing you’re expecting, pregnancy can be an exciting…


1 December 2021  •  6 m read

How your body changes after birth

Bringing a whole new life into the world is probably going to be the biggest mission your body accomplishes and you…


2 November 2021  •  6 m read

Why are my breasts painful?

Feeling a twinge of pain in your breasts can be a worry, but breast pain is common and, on its own, is rarely a…


2 October 2021  •  5 m read

How can I keep my vagina healthy?

When you talk about taking good care of your body, you don’t always think about your vagina. But knowing how…


13 September 2021  •  6 m read

How can I have a healthy pregnancy?

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself both physically and…

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